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    Yingkou dongfangchengyuan Chengyuan Refractories Co., Ltd.   
    Yingkou Oriental Chengyuan Refractories Co., Ltd. is located in Dashiqiao, which has the title of "China Magnesium Capital." Founded in March 2011, Yingkou Dongfang Chengyuan Refractories Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and processing of stereotyped and unscaled magnesia refractories Magnesia refractory production enterprises. Company uphold the quality and credibility of the foundation, first-class product line, with a high-temperature tunnel, the company mainly produces magnesia brick, magnesium brick, magnesium calcium brick (magnesium dolomite brick), magnesium spinel brick and other products, the company is There are hundreds of employees, including senior staff and technical staff of the company's 5%, the company has a sound quality testing methods, strict implementation of national product quality standards.
          Liaoning Dashiqiao, located in the southern part of the railway hub, Shenyang-Dalian highway runs through the whole territory. It is 220 kilometers away from Dalian Port, 45 kilometers from Bayuquan Harbor, 23 kilometers from Yingkou Port and 200 kilometers from Dalian Airport and Shenyang Airport respectively. It is very convenient for land, sea and air traffic. This resource-based city "based on magnesium and prosperous because of magnesium" is known as "China's magnesium capital". China's first kiln magnesia, the first furnace electrofusion, the first non-burning brick, the first Block firing bricks are produced in Dashiqiao, refractory refractory material is the policy of "darling", the era of "pride" in the national policy of "escort" will bring immeasurable "industrial rich ore" to domestic and foreign markets.
          Companies adhering to: scientific management methods, strict IS09001 quality control system, a comprehensive 5S norms, and strive to better serve customers.
          The company firmly believes that: professional achievements of quality, quality of survival, with advanced technology and strict management and quality service to meet customer needs, warmly welcome friends from various circles and my company sincere cooperation.?

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